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Client Comments

I met MJ in 2012 while attending QHHT classes taught by Dolores Cannon.  I am truly blessed to have her as my friend.  MJ is an exceptionally gifted QHHT practitioner.  She is dedicated to each and every client.  She facilitates QHHT sessions with love and compassion.  MJ emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive environment and that all is done for the highest and best good.  Years of having a successful nursing career have given MJ priceless experiences, wisdom and insightful knowledge that are invaluable.  Her loving energy and calm demeanor appeal to clients immensely.  MJ assists clients to find guidance and clarity to walk their path. I strongly recommend MJ to those seeking a QHHT session.       Laura Casto     QHHT practitioner   Oklahoma 


"MJ has had such a profound impact on my life by allowing me to open doors within my mind to help me to begin an incredible journey to fulfill my life's purpose."    Kara C.     Maine

"My Experience was far beyond what I thought possible. I was looking for help with headaches and a recent dramatic vision loss. My highly paid medical providers, professional and hard working as they are, were unable to help me. Now I understand why. The headaches were caused by something a long time ago. The vision problem was addressed and is gone too. I am free from it. MJ is so very capable. The best. Top rated. She is kind and I can’t say enough positive remarks about her. "    Steve W.     Colorado

"How often have you felt unheard and misunderstood?  If you would like someone to listen to you, really listen, you can count on MJ.  She can help you as she has helped me and many others with her attentiveness, patience, and gentle but firm guidance through your session.  I trust her completely. "    Joan Murray      Oklahoma

"MJ knows how to help me, even in the most difficult of situations. "    Pat  F.     Colorado

"MJ is a special person that I respect and admire for her insight and sensitive understanding of people. Her life’s experience has created a deeper perception with an unequivocal sincere empathy.  Her professional knowledge and practice of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a definite asset, providing a fertile ground for Past Life exploration. I recommend MJ’s practice with no restriction."     Alain Clarinval     Colorado

MJ did a fabulous job facilitating my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session. She was very knowledgeable and the session was informative, helpful, and fascinating. I would highly recommend experiencing this therapy session with her."      Linda W.     Colorado

"MJ is a great facilitator, who makes you feel at ease and who is fabulous at eliciting your body's relaxation response in order to receive the most out of your session. She is caring, has integrity and calmly directs the session for your highest good.  It was a pleasure and eye opener to work with MJ and receive her services."   Anonymous      Colorado

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